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Mode Puristes stands for minimal runway fashion, puristic cuts, sophisticated looks and ground breaking ideas of the worlds best known and up & coming fashion designers.

The things shown on this blog are my hand-picked, eye-catching favorites of any fashion show and of any designer I find interesting, that leaves me with varying emotions. 

My name is Catherine, I'm twenty and I work at COS in Austria.

NOTE for my followers: I usually don't answer messages that ask to check out blogs, but I do check them out. 

NOTE for everybody: None of the pictures are mine, they all belong to their rightful owners. All the  pictures I post are taken from considerable (online) fashion magazines/forums, I do not take charge for reblogged pictures. If you want something removed that belongs to you do not hesitate to message me.

A Detachér spring/summer 2011
  1. A Detachér spring/summer 2011

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